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Faire Child Book Report | Volume 30 | How To

Posted by Alissa Kloet on

Faire Child Book Report | Volume 30 | How To

Name of Book: How To

Year Published: 2012

Words and Pictures by: Julie Morstad

What is the main topic of the book?: 

Another beautifully illustrated book by @juliemorstad and filled with unexpected ‘how to’ pictures. ‘How to see the wind’, ‘How to feel the breeze’, ‘How to make a sandwich’ are all paired with illustrations that surprise and make you smile.


The book is the perfect snapshot of childhood and it is obvious in the best ways that Julie Morstad is a mother of three little ones. You’ll start thinking of your own ‘How to’ and what a fun craft idea for a slow afternoon.

Rating: 10/10! 

Buy: Click here to find Julie Morstad's book online!

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