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We believe in transforming an old economy based on extraction and waste, into a regenerative economy, by advancing frameworks that value healthy ecosystems and social equity. We hold our company accountable for how our garments are made and where they end up. Read our Sustainability Report to learn more.


fairechild is employs a transformative “Endlessly Reusable” model of environmental and social responsibility in childrens’ outerwear. Making recycled clothing is a mission we have accepted in order to allow families to get back to one of their most important pursuits: making and playing in the outdoors.

Supporting parents and educators in fostering curiosity and care for the natural world starts with transparency and our commitment to accessible, sustainable fashion. Our cradle-to-cradle process starts with the careful procurement of 100% recyclable textiles which we transform into superior-quality garments. The process finishes when the garment is returned to us for recycling at the end of its useful life.

All of our efforts are made with people and the planet in mind. We are committed to creating a sustainable future by engaging in the slow fashion revolution and minimizing high-polluting textile waste

Still curious about our impact?

Still curious about our impact?

Learn more about our our partnership with Mini Cycle!