Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is such a magical time of year. Every season is, of course, special in it's own way - but we are especially grateful that we live in a part of the world that sees the leaves change so vibrantly this time of year. Autumn is also a time where we start to slow down. Summer can be such a busy season with the kids out of school. Plus there is that inner drive to soak up every second of summer. It can have us jumping around from June to August. September's pace is more relaxed. Soon we will be enjoying that cool crisp air while wrapping ourselves up in warm clothes. 

Great Kids Jacket for Fall

As we look forward to the season ahead, here is the list of things we want to do this Autumn.

Faire Child's Autumn Bucket List

Jump in a pile of leaves

Put on a warm, cozy sweater

Learn something new

Carve a pumpkin

Go apple picking

Eat apple pie

Ride a bike

Celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends

Visit a farm

Go on a walk to see the colourful leaves


Collecting acorns

Find a snail

Draw plants in your garden

Go mushroom hunting



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