fairechild is a sustainable fashion brand that offers quality outerwear for today’s families with future generations in mind. As champions of the circular economy, we believe in thoughtful design, transparency and responsible manufacturing.

We encourage time outside, no matter the weather, in hope of inspiring a deeper connection to nature and environmental stewardship. Our natural resources are limited, so we must work as a global community to protect them. 

fairechild quality details

Timeless Design

fairechild garments are classic and durable, so they can be lovingly passed down. The silhouettes often draw from the past, using heritage details and elements from minimalist, contemporary art. We also love colour and the palette is a celebration of the natural world that Tabitha encounters, while having adventures with her children.

fairechild foster connection

Foster Connection

We design both adult and children’s rain gear to encourage more intimate play. Families can run, climb and roll around together, knowing the next puddle they encounter won't dampen the fun. Our garments allow for time together in nature, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

fairechild support local

Support Local

We’re proudly Canadian with a studio in Nova Scotia, close to where our founder spent her childhood in Halifax. Our designs honour the East Coast, as they’re inspired by nautical outerwear and the local landscape: the vaste beaches, rolling hills and dense forests. Our Adult Collection is locally made and we work with creatives in Halifax and Toronto to bring fairechild to life.

fairechild women owned

Women Owned

fairechild is a women-owned business with an all female team, operated primarily by mothers. We believe it’s important to support our community and we put family first. Our unique perspective as a female team is a source of strength, as we draw from our unique experiences and combined knowledge to design meaningful products.

fairechild Tabitha Osler Founder CEO

Our Founder

Tabitha Osler is a fashion designer with a vision for the future. She received her Masters in Fashion Design from the Antwerp Royal Academy, then worked for luxury designers in Europe and Canada. fairechild was born in 2017 as a response to the wastefulness Tabitha saw. She wanted to create a sustainable fashion brand that encourages meaningful change, not environmental harm:

I’m an advocate for getting outside, an ambassador for puddle jumping, if you will. As a parent, I know that we all want the best for our children. This includes a world with bounties of food, natural resources and access to clean water.

fairechild is forging a new path, offering a timeless collection of outerwear that’s ethically made, versatile and beautiful.