Easy Bird Feeder Craft for Kids

Today we have a craft for you and your kids to help attract wildlife to your backyard or even your balcony. If you aren’t a particularly crafty person or are short on ideas, a bird feeder is a great place to start!

Bird feeders are a fun addition to any outdoor space but they’re also very important; providing a stable food source during the winter months when it can be more challenging for birds to find food to eat. You can easily buy a bird feeder but we think making your own is a lot more fun and as a bonus, you can make it from recyclable materials allowing you to feed the birds and help the planet! You can follow this up with our list of tips for getting your kids into bird watching.

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Wooden Spoon Feeder:

DIY & Crafts has lots of great ideas for making your own bird feeder but we really like the simplicity of this one. All you need is a plastic water bottle and two wooden spoons. Start by making two holes in the bottle and then slide the wooden spoons in at a slight downward angle as to allow the bird feed to flow out of the bottle. Finish off by tying a string around the neck of the bottle and hang it where birds can easily access it. When it comes to filling your bird feeder, sunflower seeds are a great choice but there are other options too.

Once you have installed your new bird feeder, you might want to keep track of the birds who visit it and for that we recommend Audubon. This website allows the user to search for a specific bird but also provides a guide with illustrations of each bird making it easy for your child to use. They also have an app as well.

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