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Faire Child Book Report | Volume 7 | Sidewalk Flowers

Posted by Alissa Kloet on

Faire Child Book Report | Volume 7 | Sidewalk Flowers

Name of Book: Sidewalk Flowers

Year Published: 2015

Words By: JonArno Lawson

Pictures By: Sydney Smith 

What is the main topic of the book?: 

This stunningly illustrated book is ‘an ode to the importance of small things, small people, and small gestures’. In this wordless book a little girl walks with her distracted Father, collecting and giving away wildflowers. The lack of words means each time you read it the story transforms and take on new meaning. Each page is a beautiful stand alone painting that will warm your heart. We hope you enjoy this work of art as much as we did. Fun fact: Illustrator Sydney Smith was born in Nova Scotia!

Buy: Link to buy Sidewalk Flowers online! 

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