fairechild & COVID-19

As with every business, the present climate surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly have a lasting effect on fairechild. This unprecedented event is changing the way we do, make and even play. Although there have been adjustments to the way we operate, there haven’t been any changes in what we stand for. That is, we are committed as always to do better, make thoughtfully and play endlessly. We are open and accepting of the change that needs to happen to keep our families safe and healthy, and we have an immense appreciation for the support we continue to receive that makes it possible.

Children exploring outdoors in rain pants

Do Better.

Above all, COVID-19 has demanded that we all do a little better at taking care of ourselves and of others. Health and safety of families has risen to the top of not only our priorities but those of our customers and government – and that’s probably for the best.

The provincial government of Nova Scotia has been limiting large gatherings and access to public spaces to keep people safe, and these restrictions have been presented alongside support for individuals and small businesses. We are grateful for the recent introduction of federal programs like CERB – Canada Emergency Response Benefit – as well as the continuation of funding bodies like CIF, ACOA, NSBI, CanExport and so many more! We are also grateful for the support of local representatives like our MLA Claudia Chender who continue to support small businesses like us. 

We are doing our part by having our staff work from home, wearing gloves while packing shipments and limiting the amount of times garments change hands in the manufacturing process.

Child on trail in rain pants

Make Thoughtfully.

The recent slowdown of transportation due to the self-isolation around the world has caused us to reflect. Because of our local supply chain, we are fortunate to be able to continue to operate when many manufacturers have shut down. Locality is not only planet-friendly, it is sustainable in a time of crisis. For many, the new restrictions are forcing changes to accommodate thoughtful production. We hope that social distancing is temporary, but the reduced carbon emissions that result from travel limitations, are not.

Child playing in rain pants

Play Endlessly.

We recognize that accessing outdoor play has become increasingly difficult under these circumstances, especially for those living in urban settings. This is where imagination comes in! The front step can become the highest mountain. Backyard gardens can become tropical jungles. And chalk drawings are a fun way to send messages of positivity! We look forward the day when we can explore beyond our neighbourhood, but until then, play can continue from the comfort of our own homes.  

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