fairechild Review with Hippie in Disguise

We have been receiving such amazing feedback from parents and kids about our children's coats, pants and outerwear. Our garments are out there in the world and in many ways they are doing greater things than we ever imagined! It has always been our goal to produce beautiful, high functioning and sustainably made children's outerwear. In the process we are also hearing that we have made clothes that are great for sensory sensitive children. Our garments have no tags and the fabric is much softer than typical outerwear making it more comfortable to wear.

Danielle of Hippie in Disguise has a few of our pieces that her son Sen wears. We are so thrilled that Danielle and Sen are enjoying using our outerwear and that it is providing the solutions they need to get outside! The full fairechild outerwear review and interview can be found on the Hippie in Disguise blog. You can read an excerpt from the blog post below

"Sen is a sensitive child and has never been able to find a way to enjoy himself in typical heavy children’s rain gear, he is upset by the noise it makes when the fabric rubs against itself, he dislikes the weight of the fabric and the rigid nature of it, and how hot it makes him due to lack of breathability. Until recently, clothing discomfort was truly getting in the way of Sen enjoying playing in the rain and strong winds.

Enter Faire Child. I TRULY cannot praise this company enough. Their clothing is beautiful, highly durable, functional, sustainable beyond compare (for example, their clothing is recyclable and they innovated compostable packaging just to name two awesome things they do!). Beyond this: Sen can now enjoy himself for endless hours in rain or windy weather. Their clothing is unbelievable light and soft, which you can only fully understand by touching it yourself. Happily, Sen can now play to his heart’s content in the weather and focus on doing what he loves: to play, explore and imagine."

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