fairechild Review with Twenty Venti

We love seeing photos of your kids outside in their fairechild gear. We love it even more when you really put our outerwear to the test. Robin recently wrote about getting her kids outside on her blog Twenty Venti. We're sure all parents can relate to her experience of having negative feelings about any forecast that doesn't feature a nice bright happy sun. So great to see her squashing those rainy day blues and teaching her kids to embrace the day - not matter what the weather.

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You can read the fairechild Rain Gear review here. I will leave you with this great quote from Robin. 

We choose fairechild, of course! Their outerwear is lightweight and easy to move around in, ideal for exploring and playing outdoors in any weather - and, if you have a water lover like our girl, they're great for puddle jumping or wading in lakes, rivers and creeks, keeping her dry and warm.

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