Do, Make, Play: Fanny and Alexander Toy Review

fairechild is inspired by children at play and it is for that reason that we are over the moon for the toy company we are sharing with you today. Delfina Aguilar produces well-made and well-designed children’s toys under the brand Fanny and Alexander. We are telling you today why these products feel like they were made for fairechild kids.

Here at fairechild we are serious about play, but there is something else we are quite serious about – materials. We believe that designers should choose materials that will last and that won’t have a negative impact on our world. Fanny and Alexander has such a thoughtful use of materials. Hardwood toys with leather and natural fabrics for details mean these toys are made to have an hand-me-down quality. Not only will they last through the adventures of multiple children but you will also be able to pass them down to the next generation.

 wooden camera toy for kids

We are suckers for anything that looks like it came from years gone by. A time when slow design was the only design. So, here we find another reason we love the toys of Fanny and Alexander - the heritage aesthetic has us swooning. Remember when cameras weren’t built into your phone? So does Fanny and Alexander and they have the most perfect wooden camera for your budding photographer and a super-8-esque film camera for your future videographer.

Lastly, all the toys are powered only by the imagination of a child - no batteries needed. These toys encourage active play, instead of passive attention and aid children in building their imagination while they learn about the world around them. So grab your wooden binoculars and your fairechild jacket and get them outside! 

wooden binoculars for kids 

We are going to leave you with this great quote from Delfina Aguilar of Fanny and Alexander:

"Childhood is a brief and extraordinary time — a time when everything is possible and the imagination is boundless. Fanny & Alexander is dedicated to creating and cultivating moments of joy during childhood that will last a lifetime.

We make toys that call to children's creativity and curiosity, and encourage them to marvel at the world around them — whilst inventing a few worlds of their own, too. Our toys are deceptively simple, but meticulously made, so that they might become a beloved part of your child's life, and endure to be enjoyed by future generations, too.

There is an art to playing well; one which we take seriously. We hope our toys will become beloved companions and cherished objects that preserve that sense of childhood wonder for your family."

You can purchase Fanny and Alexander toys on their website as well from our friends at Hando Toys.

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