fairechild Book Report | Volume 10 | Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

Name of Book: Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

Year Published: 2016

Words by: Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo 

Pictures by: 60 female illustrators from around the world.

What is the main topic of the book?: This amazing book was the most successfully crowdfunded book in history and is full of women’s stories and illustrations by women. Stories of activists, politicians, mountaineers, writers, computer scientists, opera singers, queens, explorers and more.

Strengths: All female. All inspiring trail blazers in their time.

Quote: In the preface the editors say “May these brave pioneers inspire you. May their portraits impress upon our daughters the solid belief that beauty manifests itself in all shapes and colours, and at all ages. May each reader know the greatest success is to live a life full of passion, curiosity and generosity. May we all remember every day that we have the right to be happy and to explore widely.” Amen amen amen!

Rating: 10/10! 

Buy: You can find the book here! There is also a second edition here.

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