Introducing Mini-Cycle!

We are so excited to be announcing our new partnership with Mini-Cycle! You will now be able to resell your used fairechild garments to Mini-Cycle even if you purchased it through us. This is another step we are taking to ensure that each Faire Child garment has a long life before being recycled. 

Mini-Cycle sells new and second hand stylish, durable and comfortable kids apparel. They commit to buying back any clothes you buy from us (new or used) at a fair percentage of estimated resale value. All apparel is given a second life by either being re-sold here or being repurposed.

The three step process Mini-Cycle uses to reduce waste.

Pre-Cycle: Mini-cycle handpicks the most fashionable brands accessible on the market that also comply with our sustainability requirements. They carefully select items they know your little ones will be comfortable and get a lot of wear out of. The clothes they select are as durable as possible so they can be given new life through Mini-Cycle's closed-loop system.

Mid-Cycle: Any apparel you buy from us can be bought back by Mini-Cycle. The amount paid out to you is determined by us based on the market and on the condition of each piece. They take ALL pieces back.

Re-Cycle: The clothes you will find being resold on their website will vary from "New with Tag" to "Gently Used". Some items will have been refurbished by us and will be identified as such when browsing. This final stage allows Mini-Cycle to close the loop of its system which will benefit the planet and your wallet.

Mini-Cycle Zero Waste Fashion

Click here to learn more about fairechild's partnership with Mini-Cycle! We are so excited to be partnering with other brands who are dedicated to keeping garments out of landfills as us! 

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