fairechild Book Report | Volume 3 | Last Child in The Woods

Name of Book: Last Child in The Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder

Year Published: 2005 

Words By: Richard Louv

What is the main topic of this book? 

We’ve been quoting this book all week and have loved having a copy in the office to leaf through whenever we need inspiration. In The Last Child in the Woods Richard Louv outlines why he believes our children are being brought up with a nature-deficit disorder. It’s full of memories of days gone by and encouragement on how to get ourselves and our kids appreciating and spending more time outdoors. Definitely worth a read. We are posting all our book reports on the blog if you ever want to look through them all at once. Have a great weekend!

Buy: Link to learn more about this way of thinking, and find where to buy the book on the Authors website!


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