Layer Up with fairechild | Spring + Summer

Are you ready to soak up the warmth? We sure are! We have a seasonal update for you on our layering with fairechild guide. Our last guide featured how to stay warm in winter and today we will be sharing our trips on how to stay cool while also protecting your little people from wind and rain. 

Base Layer

Your base layer is the clothing which you wear closest to your skin. This layer should be moisture wicking, soft and free from chemicals. 


Wear linen. It won't cling to sticky skin but will allow air to pass through the fabric and it dries extremely quickly while keeping your little ones cool. Organic Cotton is also a good alternative, it just doesn't dry as quickly as linen tends to. 


Wear synthetic polyester. It will trap heat and cause your little one to sweat excessively. 

We recommend: 

City Goats for Organic Cotton, Plaid & Paisley for Linen


Outer Layer

The outermost shell serves to protect you against the elements and should be waterproof and windproof while remaining breathable. This way they stay dry and don't get all sweaty while running around outside.


Choose a light, breathable shell and pants which are waterproof. Taped seams are a must for keeping out leaks. Faire Child is a great choice! 


Choose a garment which can’t back up its ability to keep you dry. Avoid outerwear brands that are not BlueSign Certified or Oeko-Tex Certified, as they may still contain harmful chemicals. 

We Recommend:  fairechild of course! 



So many options in the summertime! If it is rainy, nothing is cuter than some classic yellow wellies. If not, some leather closed toed sandals are great for toddlers and for older kids regular leather sandals or water-friendly shoes will do the trick. If you are going hiking, we recommend something close toed with arch support. 

We recommend: Veja for footwear. We are still trying to track down some eco-friendly Yellow Wellies - any leads? 



Don't forget the sunscreen and hat! 

Let us know your tips for keeping cool in the summer below, we'd love to hear! 







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