How to Wash fairechild Outerwear

With all this talk of jumping in puddles and making mud pies you may be wondering how, exactly, one washes fairechild outerwear. The good news for you is that we’ve been very thoughtful to make sure that Faire Child garments are easy to care for. We know you are busy and the last thing you need is to outfit your child in something that is difficult to wash.  

Making products that are machine washable is another one of the long list of reasons we use Sympatex’s fabric. Faire Child outerwear is mud and dirt repellent but kids are kids. You are going to want to clean them at some point. Here are the basics. Fret not! Pop it in the machine!


  • Do machine wash using cold to warm water
  • Do hang to dry or machine dry on a low, tumble setting

 Do Not:

  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use optical brighteners
  • Do not use softener

 Machine Washable Rain Coat for Kids


Want more details? Here is some information for all of you laundry nerds out there.


We recommend using cold to warm water and to wash fairechild in a small load. Bonus points for using a detergent that is natural and eco-friendly. With some outerwear you need to regularly wash it to maintain its waterproof function. This is not the case with Sympatex. So, it does not matter whether you wash the garments more or less often – 100% function and optimal breathability remain guaranteed.


We recommended hanging to dry because it has a lower eco –impact. That being said, you can also use the tumble setting on your dryer at a low temperature. Although not needed to increase function, using the dryer does activate the impregnation of the waterproofing material.


It isn’t necessary to iron fairechild and we have found that it comes out the dryer ready to be worn. If you did want to iron it, we recommend a low setting not exceeding 110 °C (this is usually the lowest setting) and to avoid the reflective transfers.

Patching and Mending

Even though our outerwear is durable and hardwearing, we know that sometimes, well, stuff happens. Knees meet the gravel or elbows get scuffed. To that end we are developing a take-home iron-on Patch Kit. Until that is available we recommend using the waterproof patch kits you can find at your local outdoor shop or, for a quick fix, duct tape!

Give it another life

A big part of caring for a fairechild garment is making sure that it gets as much use as possible. Please hand down your outerwear when your child has outgrown it, whether that is too a younger sibling, relative or friend. If you don’t have anyone to hand it down to you can send it to MiniCycle.

When your jacket, pants or coverall has been worn by multiple children and it really can’t be used anymore we want you to send it back to us. We will recycle it for you!

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