fairechild Book Report | Volume 32 | Who Will Comfort Toffle? a Tale of Moomin Valley

Name of Book: Who Will Comfort Toffle? a Tale of Moomin Valley

Year Published: 1960

Words and Pictures by: Tove Jansson

English Version by: Sophie Hannah

What is the main topic of the book?: 

Have you heard of the Moomin series by Finnish illustrator, writer, painter and comic strip artist Tove Jansson? The Moomin family and the entire beloved book series is considered a national treasure in Finland. This particular book takes place in Moomin Valley where the lonely Toffle leaves his home to look for friends. ‘Who will comfort Toffle?’ will perhaps appeal to shy children but be forewarned that parts of it are quite dark and scary. It has a happy ending where Toffle eventually finds Miffle, rescues her from the Groke, and live happily ever after inside of a seashell.

Strengths: The illustrations are incredible and we’d recommend looking up paintings by Tove Jansson. 

Rating: 10/10! 

Buy: Click to find Who Will Comfort Toffle, and check out the other Moomin Valley books!

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