7 Reasons to Get Outside In Winter

We previously did a blog post about how to get outside this winter season which also included some fun activities for you and your child. If you haven’t seen that already, you can check it out here! This blog post is a follow up and it’s about the importance of getting outside and breathing some fresh air during the winter season.

why kids should play outside in winter

Here are 7 reasons why you should try to get outside as much as possible this winter.

  1. Vitamin D – lower levels of Vitamin D, from not enough time outdoors, can make you more tired and negatively affect your mood. Getting outside as much as possible is a great way to combat this and ensure you get enough Vitamin D.
  2. Avoiding germs – colds and flus aren’t because the weather is cold but rather because we are cooped up indoors. Get outside and get some fresh air to help strengthen you and your child’s immune systems.
  3. Children see their surroundings change. They learn and observe their environment and see the life cycles of plants allowing them to become more connected with nature.
  4. Overcome and identify new challenges. Winter often results in slippery snow and ice. Allowing your child to experience and figure out have to navigate in such conditions is a great way to develop their problem solving skills.
  5. In addition to Vitamin D, sunlight exposure helps boost serotonin levels which can help us feel more positive and even help with depression.
  6. Getting outside is a great way for you and your child to get some all-important exercise.
  7. Stress relief. Venturing outside provides a way to escape stress and give your mind a break.

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