What is the zero waste movement?


The zero waste movement is a movement that aims to produce as little waste as possible to lessen one’s environmental impact. What was once a fringe movement is starting to gain traction and popularity especially among young millennials. Given the issue of climate change, it’s easy to see why people are eager to try and reduce the amount of waste they produce. People who follow the zero waste movement often aim to fit an entire year or even two’s worth of trash in one single 16 ounce mason jar. The contents of the mason jar consist of items that can’t or haven’t been recycled or composted. Given that many people fill up several garbage bags full of waste a week, the idea of fitting a years’ worth of trash into one jar can seem impossible. In fact, almost 3.5 million tons of waste is generated every day. Nearly everything we purchase comes in some form of packaging so participating in the zero waste movement means just one person can make a meaningful difference. If you’re interested in getting involved in this movement, we have a few easy ways below to get started. 

  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid the plastics bags supplied by the grocery store and bring your own, reusable ones to carry them in. 


  • Buy food in bulk and store in reusable jars.


  • Bring a water bottle with you so don’t have to buy plastic bottles. 



  • Cook more at home instead of purchasing take out.  


  • Ditch your shower gel and shampoo for bar soap and shampoo bars. Stores like Lush don’t package their soaps or shampoo bars so you can bring your own reusable bag and reduce your waste even further. 


  • If you wear makeup, instead of using disposable cotton pads to remove makeup, use a face cloth. 


  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones and dishcloths instead of sponges. 


  • Consider installing a bidet attachment to your toilet in replacement of bathroom tissue. While not overly common in North America., they are popular in many other parts of the world.


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