Rain Pants: Stylish and Durable

fairechild Hippie in Disguise

fairechild’s clothing is beautiful, highly durable, functional and sustainable beyond compare. Sen can now enjoy himself for endless hours in rain or windy weather. The clothing is unbelievable light and soft, which you can only fully understand by touching it yourself.

- Danielle Chassin, Hippie in Disguise

Designs that feel like the East Coast

Aside from the fact that your products are beautiful and amazing quality, I especially love supporting a company like yours, if it means bringing a little East Coast into our West Coast home.

- Kate

fairechild Rain Pants Zuri and Jane

Future hand-me-downs

My son is going to get years out of the coat and pants. I don't doubt they will stand up to my younger daughter wearing them for years after.

- Alison Mazurek, 600 sq ft and a baby

Durable fabric

The fabric is great quality and the rainwear is far superior to many brands that last only one season or one child. It washes beautifully, doesn’t feel like a plastic bag and so tough! My son fell on a sidewalk wearing his rain pants and it didn’t even leave a mark.

- Leanne

fairechild Dungarees Laura Short

Great quality product!

We will be able to wear these pants for years, as they can really grow with your child and are sturdy enough to be passed down to someone in the future. Great quality product!

- Justine

Always warm, dry and he looks great!

Aubrey has the jacket, splash pants and hat. He has put them to the test over the last few weeks to really see how much they could handle. From puddle splashing to mud rolling and beach walks during a downpour, he was perfectly warm and dry underneath.

- Katie-Rose Decoelis, The Wild Decoelis

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