Dungarees: A Layer of Ease

fairechild Dungarees Emmy Lou Virginia

We never have to worry about making any little patch of earth out seating area, because of these rain pants. It’s funny how pants can create magical moments. Thank you for adding a layer of ease to motherhood.

- Heather

A wonderful Canadian brand

My kids live in rain gear for all seasons, so I was thrilled to find a company that is making beautiful options that are sustainable and made to last, from Canada no less! Aesthetically speaking, the rain pants are the cutest I've ever seen and the adjustable straps are genius.

- Alison

Three Years and Counting

My son has worn the same pair of rain pants from 2-4 years old and they look fantastic. He is a very energetic boy and not gentle on the knees of clothes. These pants are the envy of other parents at preschool.

- Marnie

Already a repeat customer

We are hardcore lovers of nature, rain or shine, and I’m so happy with these! They are perfect for our muddy forest hikes and playing around in the garden. I already purchased mitts as well, because I was so happy with the material.

- Sarah

A lovely set and fully waterproof 

My daughter loves her coat and Dungarees and wears them all the time. They keep her dry on the rainiest of days and I love that they will grow with her. I will definitely buy another pair!

- Carolyn

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