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We love reading about how much you and your kids love their fairechild gear! So you can guess that we were over the moon to read True North Family's fairechild Rain Coat review. The blog, written by Stephanie Klaver,  has great ideas for kid-friendly activities in Ontario and as they get set to travel across Canada they will be a great resource for parent's from coast to coast.

faire child rain pant review

Here is a snippet of the review from True North Family's Made in Canada series.

The sizing is very comparable to most clothing sizes. We chose a size 5/6 for Greysen, who is tall for his age and wears on average a size 5. The Raincoat fits him perfectly, and with the sleeves being just long enough to flip the cuff, I’m happy knowing he won’t grow out of it too quickly. We chose a size 3/4 for Emmersyn, who is also a little tall for her age (turning 3 in September), and wears on average size 3.  The Anorak fits her a little larger, without being too baggy, and we are able to roll the sleeves a couple of times. Personally, I prefer to begin with a larger fit so we can extend the life of their clothing. With the quality of these garments your children will sooner outgrow them before they ever wear them out!

I can’t say enough about the quality and attention to detail on the garments we received. Each seem is perfectly sewn and heat sealed to be waterproofed. You can feel the quality of the fabric, it’s so durable, yet so soft. The snaps are easy to snap, yet never un-snap on their own. The kids play just as they normally would without their outerwear getting in the way! 


You can read the full review of fairechild's rain gear on the True North Family blog.



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