fairechild Book Report | Volume 29 | Little Cookery

Name of Book: Little Cookery

Year Published: 2017

Words and Pictures By: Lottie and Eli Aldarwish

What is the main topic of the book?: 

Little Cookery is the first cook book made especially for young children by teaching them how to cook! That's just the beginning, it also teaches important life skills like kitchen safety, how to follow instructions, and how to shop for ingredients. The illustrations not only make it simple for kids to understand how to make these yummy recipes, but Lottie and her eldest son Eli's illustrations are adorable.

Lottie Aldawish recognized that many recipe books aimed at kids still had too many words and required a lot of parent supervision. In reaction to this, the Canadian Author designed a "coloured cup method", and a simple flow chart recipe design to make it easy for kids to get it right the first time. With recipes like cherry crumble, cheese scones, and blueberry muffins, we're sure your little ones will be baking up a storm! 

Quote: "My ethos is that the togetherness, activity and science of cooking should become the thing you and the kids are excited by, rather than the finished product. Because what happens most of the time is that the kids remember the sense of achievement that comes from the process and not the finished food that comes out of the oven. My son knows I'm happiest when they make mistakes - they learn so much more!" - Lottie Aldawish

Rating: 10/10!

Little Cookery Kids Recipe Book Review

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