fairechild review with Javessa Stanton

Hi everyone! My name is Javessa and I am the proud mama of two beautiful kids, Rowan (4) and Raya (1). One thing about us is we absolutely love going on our nature adventures. With summer just around the corner and the weather getting warmer our adventure walks have been incredible. Always filled with the sounds of beautiful chirping birds, the smell of sweet moaned grass, fresh water clear as blue and the cozy sun pressing across our cheeks. Nothing stops our adventures not even rain. Rainy days actually turn out to be the best days. Thanks to @fairechild I never have to worry about the kid’s clothes getting completely drenched or dirty. They have the most incredible hand made rain suits made right here in Canada. They’re fabric is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles and contains no harmful chemicals. They are fully waterproof and breathable. The woven material also has a beautiful texture and has an elegant matte finish to it. Rowan is wearing the (Mackintosh Rain Coat & rain pants in the colour Arbutus). 

- Javessa


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