Layering for Spring with Fairechild- Candice Hackett

As the days lengthen into a springtime wonderland we find ourselves eager to be outdoors at any given moment. What joy it is to welcome the birds home with a daily feast in the feeders, to spot tiny blossoms and buds with each new morning, and to explore the waking world after a long winters slumber.

As Lady Spring is always fraught with indecision, we know better than to trust the weather to hold from one moment to the next. And so, be it sunshine, wind, rain, hail, or even a spring snow, we are well equipped for the circumstances.

Our mud hall is lined with wellies, rain pants, and rain jackets at the ready, with waterproof mitts and wool hats to greet any occasion. Be it a simple endeavor to feed the chickens, a romp down the hill to peek at the ducks swimming in our back yard, or a bit of work among the garden, if we are venturing further than our own yard, we never leave home without loading our gear into a basket to come along for the ride—whether we expect to need it or not.

For cooler days or morning chores outside, we layer with merino wool base layers.

On nicer days or when we are dressed to be out and about, we will layer our rain pants over cotton blouses with knit sweaters. If my older girls are wearing dresses, they will usually slip them off and wear the rain pants over their stockings. For my youngest, who doesn’t mind the bunching, we just add her rain pants right over her dress and tuck it in. Because Fairechild colors work beautifully with everything in my children’s wardrobe, whatever they are dressed in for the day can be easily coordinated with both the rain pants and jackets.

Everything is all the better knowing their clothes are safely guarded from the impending mud, while the rain gear can be tossed straight into the wash after all the fun has been had.

If anyone should ever remark about the poor weather conditions, dirt, sand, or mud, my girls will quickly reply with confidence, “it’s okay, we have our rain gear”, and off they run. The freedom to enjoy the wonder of the changing seasons (and weather) due to the ease of layering with Fairechild is a gift I simply cannot understate.

- Candice Hackett, @ivyandtweed

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