How We Test Our Rainwear

 At fairechild, our business is eco-friendly outwear that is 100% waterproof, breathable, and windproof. We believe children should be outside as often as possible regardless of the weather which is why ensuring our products allow for that is so important to us. Each fairechild product goes through a stringent testing process to ensure it keeps your child dry and comfortable even when the weather isn’t. You can see all the steps involved in creating your fairechild gear here. 

Our outerwear is manufactured from a revolutionary fabric made entirely of PET bottles. The fabric is manufactured by a German company called SympaTex and all fairechild products must undergo testing in order for us to say our products are made with SympaTex. In order to test for waterproofness a rain tower is utilized to stimulate intense rainfall, as in the kind of rainfall characteristic of a monsoon. The rain tower test goes on for an hour to ensure the garment is not leaking anywhere. The company states “The Sympatex membrane has a water column of 45 000 mm (meaning the amount of water it can endure before leaking), while the standard guarantee for all Sympatex laminates is at least 20 000 mm.” Further, all of our products have taped seams to prevent any leaks.

Once our product has been given the seal of approval, that’s when we pass it on to you, the consumer. With each fairechild product, you can be assured you are getting a product that is 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof allowing your child to be play outside all day, rain or shine.

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