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Spring Bucket List

Posted by Alissa Kloet on

Spring Bucket List

Now that the temperatures are more tolerable, days are longer and trees are full of buds we're feeling that boost in our step that Spring inevitably brings. We find lately that we are contentedly spring cleaning, starting new home projects (hello painting every room!), planning our summer gardens and dreaming about all the BBQ's to come. We've made up the below list to remind ourselves to simply get outdoors and enjoy and observe what is happening around us - new growth!

Spring Bucket List for Fair Child a eco-children's outerwear brand that is made in Canada.So without any further ado, we present:

Faire Child's Spring Bucket List 

Jump in puddles

Make mud pies

Spot the first robin of Spring

Plant seeds in the garden or windowsill

Hike to a waterfall

Find flowers starting to grow

Dig for worms

Go for a bike ride

Fly a kite

Celebrate Spring Equinox

Build a fort outside

Pick up litter

Listen to the bird songs

Find buds on trees

Make your own binoculars/telescope

Make a dandelion crown 

Spring Bucket List created by FairChild to do this spring.

What are your suggestions? We'd love to hear!


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