fairechild Book Report | Volume 19 | This Is How We Do It

Name of Book: This Is How We Do It

Year Published: 2017

Words and Pictures by: Matt Lamothe

What is the main topic of the book?: 

Matt Lamothe both wrote and illustrated this amazing book which follows the lives of 7 kids from around the world – Peru, Uganda, Italy, Russia, Iran, India and Japan. Each child describes themselves, their houses, who they live with, what they wear to school, what they eat for breakfast, how they play and eat dinner, etc. etc. Each spread is super interesting and beautifully illustrated. It is a fun book to read with kids (over 3 years) and for them to talk about how they themselves do it. Also, fun to browse through after the kids have gone to bed and dream of living somewhere new. Have you read this book with your kids?


Perfect book to expose kids to other cultures, and what the day in the life of other kids around the world is like!

Weaknesses: Better for children older then 3.

Rating: 10/10! 

Buy: Here is the link to find This Is How We Do online!


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