Fashion Revolution x fairechild

fairechild partipated in Fashion Revolution Week and our manufacturers at Climate Technical Gear happily jumped on board as well. We visited them while they were hard at work and snapped a couple pictures. It is so important to us to have a great working relationship with those who make our garments. Below we'd love to introduce you to those who help make each and every one of fairechild's garments. 

Mirzet | Seamster & Cutter 

Mirzet cuts the fairechild patterns with a bandsaw, has been working at Climate Technical Gear for 16 years and in the industry for 45 years. In fact, he started sewing with his mom when he was only 15. The precision and care that goes into each cut was amazing to watch and we were really digging the Michael Jackson chainmail glove he wears for protection. Mirzet was one of the loveliest humans we have ever met and he requested copies of the pictures for his own personal scrapbook. Thank you for your amazing work and attitude, Mirzet! 

June | Machine Operator - Taping, Sewing, and Flat Lock Machines
June has been working at Climate Technical Gear for 7 years and has been in the industry for over 30 years. She was a wonder to watch work on the taping machine and is the one to thank for 100% Waterproof garments. Without her skills, we'd be lost. Thank you June! 

Ed | Head Mechanics 

Ed has been with Climate Technical Gear for a staggering 34 (and a half!) years. You better believe he knows how to fix those machines. Ed sets up all the specialized machinery used to make the fairechild garments and after nearly 35 years, knows them like the back of his hand. Ed is super excited to be a part of the Fashion Revolution. Thanks again Ed! 

Laura | Production Specialist - Sample Making, Design, Training & Machinery Technician 

Laura has been with Climate Technical Gear for 11 years and as you can above, does a little bit of everything due to the face that she is one talented lady. Laura is one of the main people we communicate with on a daily basis about the status of our garments and who we work alongside to troubleshoot any issues that arise. Working with Laura is a delight and we are so thankful she has a hand in crafting our beloved gear. We appreciate you, Laura! 

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