fairechild Review with The Wild Decoelis

It's puddle jumping season and the reviews are in, fairechild is up to the task. We love hearing how much you and your kids love your gear! We received some East Coast love from Katie Rose and Rob of The Wild Decoeli who mentioned fairechild as their favourite rain gear for their son!

Kids clothing blog review of favourite Rain Gear for Kids made my fairchild.

Here's a peak at the Favourite Rain Gear for the Whole Family post over at The Wild Decoelis:

This new company based in Dartmouth, N.S, not only is making amazing rain gear with a classic look, but each item is made specifically to grow with your child, rain proof, wind proof, recyclable, and most of all has been made from fabric that was once plastic bottles. They are dedicated to teaching our children how the garments are made and the true meaning of slow fashion. Aubrey has both the Jacketsplash pants, and Hat and put them to the test over the last few weeks to really see how much they could handle. From puddle splashing, mud rolling, and beach walks during a downpour, he was perfectly warm and dry underneath. The sizes run from 3T-10 and they have multiple styles to choose from. Once Poppy is in size 3, we are going to get her into a pair of their overalls (sooo cute).

Image of reviewer's son playing in his new favourite rain jacket created by fair child weatherwear.

Check out the full piece plus the fairechild Rain Coat review over at The Wild Decoelis

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