Summer Bucket List


Ah, Summer! It is, in my opinion, the very best time of the year. We have some compiled a list of things that we still want to do this summer. Hopefully you are well on your way to enjoying this sunny-fun-filled season and can already place a nice checkmark next to a few of these. For those of you that need a mid-summer inspiration kick, all these activities are fairechild approved for great summer fun!

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Grab your shades and sunscreen, here is our list of to-do's for Summer!

fairechild's Summer Bucket List

Swim in a lake

Gather flowers for a bouquet

Climb a tree

Make a new friend

Go to the beach

Roll down a hill

Blow bubbles

Eat Watermelon

Go camping

Have a picnic

Feed the ducks

Catch bugs

Sit under a cool shady tree

Go on a treasure hunt

Skip rope

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